Meet the Pastor

Greg was involved with a church in Loveland serving as a deacon and Mitzi was the music director. As they sought out their neighbors, they invited them to come to church time and time again, but rarely saw results.

They discovered that people with cowboy lifestyles admit to not feeling comfortable in a traditional church, and began to invite their friends and neighbors to study the Word and worship in their backyard. The “come as you are” attitude helped to foster an environment in which cowhands and farmers alike felt able to worship and hear about God in a way that made sense to them.

As Cowboy Church has evolved, we find that we spread His light by ministry, service, and fellowship. We believe the Bible. We aim to Glorify God. And we help folks find their purpose in Jesus Christ as fully developed followers. We aim to lasso your heart and your vision for the Master. Come and see what God has planned for you!

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